Emojis are modern-day hieroglyphs. In typical internet fashion, severalothers have considered this before me, immediately making me 😕.

Emoji (and their more primitive cousins emoticons) represent a way to more succinctly express oneself using the fewest characters possible. However, their relevance and interpretation is left wide-open until a shared experience occurs to attach contextual relevance to them.

Naturally, Star Trek TNG tackled this very topic in a (now) iconic episode that is one of my favorites. Here’s a snippet:

Numbers and letters work well for everyday communication. Their logical order of grammatical operations is great at sussing out someones approximate level of education, frequency of written interactivity, demeanor, tone, emotional state, intent, and lots of other subtle queues you would normally assess in person.

But sometimes you just need to 💩.

I think the emoji poop hilariously brings everyone together, and serves as a reminder that everybody does still poop — I.E. every living thing struggles…

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